We truly believe that every action and in this case, every footstep, has an impact and the ability to benefit our community. The Happy Valley Half Marathon was born from a simple idea that sparked when our founders went on a trail run (something they haven't done together since!). Since then, we have brought you the Happy Valley Half Marathon (for three years) and our family of events has grown to include the Fort Hill Brewery Half Marathon & 5K (two years) as well as the Black Birch Vineyard 10 Miler. Creating memories and witnessing your success fuels our passion. 




The inaugural Berkshire East Half Marathon is set to be an epic experience, fueled by about 1500 feet of elevation gain with remarkable views, along some quiet country roads in the mountains. When you land back at the lodge, we'll have a free bbq and fresh pour of refreshing cider from Headwater or West County Cider ready for you, right at the base of the mountain.


Black Birch Vineyard 10 Miler

Windy country roads, local artisan wine, locally sourced food and an unforgettable early season experience is just a few of the things you will find at the Black Birch Vineyard 10 Miler. This event helps you start your season off right with a beautiful course and a free pour at the after party located at the Black Birch Vineyard in Hatfield, Massachusetts.


Happy Valley Half Marathon & 5K

This is the event that started it all. The course is truly beautiful with just enough challenge and all kinds of fun. We serve up a vibrant after party at the finish line in Look Park with beer, food trucks and music. We created this event because we loved running and now we love delivering this experience to you year after year.


Fort Hill Brewery Half Marathon & 5K

You know where Easthampton, MA is on the map but if you haven’t been there recently you are missing out on one of the most vibrant areas in New England. This course will show you what Easthampton is all about and the beer will be some of the best that you will find in Western MA or anywhere else for that matter!

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